Climate Tech Investors: Look South

Latin America is a Hot Market for Investable Climate Solutions After leading a cleantech investing network in the U.S. with $10B of combined capital from leading climate VCs, family offices, and foundations, and supporting many early-stage climate founders by matching them with these investors, I saw the climate investing field take-off within the last two […]

5 led-by-women sustainability start-ups that are breaking the ground

The sustainability sector is growing in importance, and it’s encouraging to see more female founders leading notable start-ups. At Savia Ventures, we’ve had the privilege of knowing many of these state of the art entrepreneurs from the beginning. Here are five sustainability start-ups led by women that are making a significant impact in their respective fields: […]

Strong by Form — Moulding the Future of Wood-tech

Everything about Andrés Mitnik and the founders of Strong by Form looks rugged. You can see it in the way Andrés’ 70s haircut falls on his face, to the ripped jeans, the roughness of the walls of their pilot plant in Santiago, and down to the wavy look of their first wood-tech prototype; the Woodflow […]